Ditte Petersen, Denmark

I got scammed by brokers multiple times and I was very frustrated because of it. When I decided to give CT Area a try, I wasn’t very hopeful because even though it made a lot of promises, so had the others.

Therefore, I am so pleased with the outcome because not only is this a genuine broker, it is one that has created a comprehensive trading solution.

The platform is fully customizable and I enjoyed adjusting it to my requirements. The trade execution was very quick and I was trading in a couple of minutes. Their customer support is also very robust. I dropped in an email and wasn’t expecting such a quick reply, but they got back to me right away.

I found them friendly and helpful and patient. Now I have upgraded my account and have no plans of switching brokers because they have everything I could possibly need!”

Luca Brookes, UK

My former broker was good enough, but I had gotten annoyed at the delayed processing of my withdrawal requests. They took weeks to get it done and this pushed me to look for other options.

I had heard about CT Area and opened the Standard account to assess their services. I wasn’t expecting the professional experience they deliver, especially in such a basic account. Their trading platform is well-designed and did not lag even once, which was a surprise. Their speedy execution impressed me enough that I made multiple trades in a day. Their withdrawal processing was also very quick and it was exactly what I was after.

But, I still checked their customer support because that can also be an issue. CT Area was offering various channels and I tried both email and phone. Their agents were knowledgeable and helpful on both channels and I got the answers I needed quickly.”

Walentyna Sokołowska, Poland

I had been thinking of starting online trading, but I was hesitant because of scam brokers. One of my friends suggested that I open an account with CT Area because they offer quality services. The registration process was very smooth, even though I wasn’t expecting it to be.

The account verification didn’t take long either and this was another advantage. I funded my account with my debit card quickly and made my first trade. The trading platform was very simple and the trade execution was also quick. There were numerous tools available, but I used the basic ones initially.

I tried out their education section to see what they were offering and took a couple of courses. They helped me polish my skills and I also learnt that I was making a couple of mistakes. I fixed them right off and this made a big difference in my trading outcomes.”

Antonio Bengtsson, Sweden

The fact that it took me just a few minutes to open my trading account with CT Area was the first benefit I noticed about the broker.

I had signed up on other platforms as well and their time consuming procedures had been a big turn off for me. I didn’t have to go through any of that here and even verification was done so quickly.

My account was ready in a couple of hours. I was also pleased with the fact that CT Area hadn’t made big claims that it couldn’t live up to like some of the other brokerages.

Their trading conditions were exactly as advertised and I was happy because I wanted to use high leverage. There were no hidden fees to pay when I attempted a withdrawal and they approved it really quickly as well. The cherry on top was the awesome customer support that answered my queries right away.”

Alex Gomes Melo, Brazil

CT Area was one of the first few brokers I had come across and since I was just experimenting, I decided to open a basic account to try it out.

This was a couple of months ago and now I am upgrading to a Gold account because my experience with them has exceeded my expectations. Their website interface and design is so appealing and it is easy to navigate as well.

They are also offering crypto deposits and I found this very convenient because I wanted to use my crypto assets. The process was very smooth and my account was set in a few minutes. The trade execution was instant and I had made some good profits in a few hours.

I tested a couple of tools as well, especially charting tools and they were of good quality too. The regular market updates helped in making some very timely and smart decisions as well!”